Bigger Than You Imagine

Sometimes we maintain a small image of something that is really bigger. Seeing pictures of Niagara Falls is an example, but until you’ve been there in person do you understand the magnitude of just how powerful and BIG it really is. And, unfortunately the same thing happens in our spiritual lives. You’re told God loves you so much that it’s sometime hard to fathom. You’re told about God’s great grace through the finished work of Jesus. You get a glimpse of it in recognizing that you were saved by grace through faith in Jesus. Is that all there is to God’s grace? No!

Paul says in Romans 5:17 that we receive the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness. God’s grace never runs out. You can’t deplete God’s grace ever. And when you believed in Jesus, you got it all. The abundance and fullness of every good gift that God has is already yours, benefits of the New Covenant. You’re a joint heir with Jesus so everything is rightfully yours as His child. Allow God’s kaleidoscope of grace in you to become bigger than you can imagine.

Breathing In His Grace

Part of your Spiritual Breathing training is to keep at it. It isn’t something you say once and then that’s it. It’s a practice you’ll need to do every day. For some of us it may be needed multiple times during a day. That’s okay because there’s plenty of provision for meeting our needs. Recognize that each time you breathe in God’s promises, you are breathing in His grace. You’re breathing in His promise to come to your aid. You’re breathing in His faithfulness, His peace, His Joy, His provision. It’s His abundant, over the top, more than sufficient grace to meet whatever you need. It isn’t taking a shallow breath, but a deep filling of your lungs and your entire being with the presence of Jesus.

Your ‘needs’ can sometimes overwhelm you but God’s grace is abundant and never runs out. His provision is more than your need. You won’t experience it by continuing to talk about your lack. That’s why spiritual breathing is so important. It’s time to breathe in His grace. Focus on Jesus. Receive His provisions for you, and you’ll be refreshed in His grace and goodness.