First, I Thank God Through Jesus For You All


Are you thanking God for those around you? First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for you all, that your faith is spoken of throughout the whole world” (Romans 1:8). This was first in Paul’s mind and heart. We have to remember when we are seeing scripture that it is not just Paul saying this but also the Holy Spirit who prompted the words. Instead, one the first things on our mind is to pray for me, but it should be praying for others. Charlene and I are certainly thankful for each person who reads this message on our websites or on media such as Facebook, Twitter, and many others. We don’t know who all reads the messages and receives the word of grace.

We thank you all, and must quickly add that it is all through Jesus that this is even possible. I think we have forgotten that we aren’t the only ones who need divine help through the daily trials, which appear each day. We really need thank God for each other and pray blessings on each person we meet through the day. It helps take self out of the equation and not so much ‘woe is me’ syndrome. If you know I’m thanking God for you, then I can know you are thanking God for me.

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