Your Spiritual Breathing

It’s obvious but breathing is very important because without breath, we won’t live. There are exercise programs that emphasis and teach you how to breathe to gain the maximum benefits. In a Senior Yoga Class we’ve been taking this year, we learn to center our breathing as we focus our breathing while doing easy movements. After one of our classes the thought came to me that we should have a Spiritual Breathing Class that helps you center your breathing in God’s grace as you focus on Jesus. The more you practice spiritual breathing, the more you’ll walk in the benefits of God’s grace through Jesus.

So, how do you do this? Every time you concentrate (focus) on the Word and relax with your thoughts by centering them on what Jesus has already done for you, you’re practicing spiritual breathing. Maybe you’ve got a stack of bills to pay and not enough money to cover everything. Take a spiritual breath as you center your thoughts on what Jesus has done for you. Then release the care of your need and breathe in His grace, love, provision, and favor. Your focus will be His provisions, not your lack. Why not practice it right now?

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