Your Well Of Life

If you’ve ever been a place where the water isn’t the cleanest, you probably hesitated to even drink it. Many places in our world do not have good, healthy drinking water. Our friend and missionary, Teresa June (Desert Rose Ministries) has been instrumental in providing fresh water to the Patka tribe in the mountains through a well system. No longer do the people have to drink filthy water shared with animals. Their new well is providing life and health.

Not only does she provide for their daily needs, she also gives them the Gospel from the well of life. She’s helping them understand God’s amazing love and grace as she exemplifies Proverbs 10:11, “The mouth of the righteous is a well of life”. How’s your well of life? Is it full and overflowing, or is it dry, with nothing to give? Line up your words to God’s Word and promises.

Speak in faith what you want to see. Jesus did that in John 11 when he called Lazarus forth from the dead. You control your well of life, so fill it with sure promises and you’ll enjoy the benefits (Romans 4:17).

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